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Posted by on April 10, 2018

Welcome to the Wendy Writing blog!


My name is Wendy Whiting and it took me a bit too long in life to realize if I switch one letter in my last name it turns into the thing I am passionate about, WRITING! I do not just want to write, but I want to inspire! I want for people to have a place to come on those hard days they just need a little light to make it through the day.


But why am I here? Why am I committing myself to writing to you? Why am I taking the time and the mountain load of energy to put this media out there? Because this is exactly what I needed growing up. Honestly, I still need it as a young adult now!


When I was a teenager I was hit with some hard challenges like depression and my father being diagnosed with cancer, and I needed to know trials ended. I was grasping for others’ experiences that they found joy again and even if they somehow found joy DURING their hard times. I could not find a book that helped. So I promised myself I would write one for kids like me, because I knew I was not alone in these feelings. I put the Gospel to the test and tried the principles I was taught in primary and young womens. I found out they worked! I found out a lot! I wrote that book shortly after I graduated college. It took years to get published, and that is a story for another post, but I actually got it published! But my story of hope could not end there. Not only do I have more hope and love to share, but we all need continual inspiration and reassurance that we can do hard things.


So let’s make a community! Let’s inspire each other and not give up! I am going to write posts about real life and real feelings. I am also going to write about real solutions and the real involvement of our Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ in our lives. They are there and sometimes we just need a door, a window, or a tiny peep hole to access them and their eternal perspective when we feel so trapped in the world around us. But we can make it! We can have joy and we can make it triumphantly through our trials. That doesn’t mean we will not feel like failures at some point. We will. Satan is really good at his job. But we can make it through that with the Gospel and honestly chocolate can help too. The important message is that WE GOT THIS!!


I hope you enjoy the journey with me and that you have even just a speck of light from these posts. If I can bring light or hope to just one person for one minute, all of the work it takes is worth it!

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