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Wendy Whiting

Wendy grew up in Phoenix Arizona. She played outside pretty much everyday with her older brothers. She has loved reading since before she could read! She would memorize books so she could feel like she was reading. In high school she found her love of writing through her school’s newspaper program. Wendy went on to Arizona State University where she graduated with her bachelors degree in English.

My Books

Detour To The Light

Make your way around life’s roadblocks.

Everyone runs into roadblocks in their lives. But the gospel provides us with the detour signs we need to get through life’s trials.

With examples from her own life, Wendy Whiting helps youth understand how to hold fast to the iron rod and keep going when life’s trials seem to block our happiness.

Detour to the Light can be purchased on Amazon.

Contact Me

You can email Wendy at Wendyiswriting@gmail.com